What is a reserve parachute?

When it comes to skydiving, there are many products that are used to make the experience as safe as possible. One of these many products is the reserve parachute. The reserve parachute is used for every skydiving jump, including tandem jumps. Read more about the reserve parachute below: What is it? The reserve is the … Read more

Why a skydiver should carry a hook knife for every jump

A hook knife is not a compulsory item to take with a skydiver on every skydive, but it is definitely recommended as they play a very important role in safety. Having the small but useful piece of equipment for you while skydiving could be the difference between a safe or dangerous jump. If you still aren’t convinced, here’s more on why a skydiver should carry a hook knife for every jump:

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Why is an altimeter necessary for skydiving?

An altimeter is a device that enhances the safety of the skydiver. While it is not a requirement to use one, it is highly beneficial. The safety benefits obtained by using an altimeter are somewhat of a necessity for new skydivers but can also be useful to a seasoned professional. Read more about altimeters and … Read more

Static line skydiving vs tandem skydiving

Have you been thinking of learning the art of skydiving? If so, there are a few ways for you to learn, two of which are static line skydiving and tandem skydiving. While both techniques will teach you how to skydive, they are very different in terms of their methods. Learn more about static line skydiving … Read more

How to prepare for your skydiving experience

If you aren’t prepared for your skydiving experience, it may not be as enjoyable as it could be. There are a few things that you need to do and bring in order to make your skydiving experience as incredible as possible, and we’ve made a list for you – just to make your life a … Read more

3 reasons to try skydiving

Skydiving is a thrilling sport that regularly attracts adventure seekers. Though, falling from the sky doesn’t sound appealing to everyone. There are still many people that will say ‘no’ to the experience because of their personal fears, but we want to tell you why you should be saying ‘yes’. Here are 3 reasons why you … Read more