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Accelerated Freefall
Skydiving Course

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is a program designed for each individual to turn you into a safe and independent skydiver.

On your first jump, two highly experienced and specially trained instructors will hold your parachute harness as you exit the plane and experience nearly a 30-second free fall.

They will be at your side to coach, assist, and evaluate your performance. After you open your square parachute you will land with pinpoint accuracy on the airfield.

Subsequent AFF training “Levels” is designed to add to your skills and self-confidence by adding a skill or technique as you progress through each level. From level Four, you will just have one Instructor and you can be “off instruction” and qualified as a novice skydiver in ten jumps or less. When you graduate, you will have aerial skills that would have taken dozens or even hundreds of jumps to learn via the old conventional method of skydiving.

Weekend Cost For AFF

The cost of the course as indicated below, is based on passing every level on the first attempt and whilst it is clearly a bigger capital outlay initially, the advantages make this a worthwhile option to consider.

Accelerated Freefall Skydiving (First jump)

Jump 2 and 3
Jump 4, 5, 6 and 7

3 x Consolidation jumps to graduate

Static Line Skydiving = R 2 500.00

Static Line Skydiving

Static Line training is the “traditional” method of learning how to skydive. On your first jump – and at least the next seven – a static line attached to the aeroplane automatically opens your parachute. You concentrate on maintaining a good body position while practising pulling a ripcord. With the aid of your ground instructor, you will learn the art of “canopy control” – guiding your big, gentle parachute to a safe landing on the Drop Zone.

When your jumpmaster says you are ready, you will graduate to Freefall, where you will pull your own ripcord. Our training program then moves you at your own pace through each jump from increasingly higher altitudes, learning additional skills that you will need as a skydiver

You need to make a reservation for your place on the Static Line First Jump course. You will be expected to attend the ground school training which takes about 4 hours of a weekday evening and weather conditions permitting, you will make your first jump on the Saturday following your Ground School training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for Tandem and AFF you will get a pair of goggles which protect your eyes in freefall.

If you do the static line course and subsequent jumps then pre-arrange with Manifest or the Equipment Officer to get a pair of goggles to jump with.

Yes, no problem. A larger, over-the-glasses goggle is available for freefall jumps.

For static line you could also use these goggles or simply tie a retaining strap or elastic to the glasses.

You’re going to have fun so in order to do so, be comfortable. A comfortable pair of running shoes is recommended and protective clothing if you’re doing static line i.e. jeans and a sweater like a rugby jersey. Try to stay away from a sweater that has pockets in the hips as this may hinder you if you have to do emergency procedures.

If you do AFF you’ll be given a jumpsuit to use so the shoes are the most important for you to bring with. Tandem can be done in a t-shirt and shorts if you wish but remember that it may be cold at altitude in an aircraft without a door.

Afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence so don’t forget to bring something warm/waterproof for after the jump.
Don’t forget the sunscreen – it can get very hot at a drop zone.

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