The purpose of an automatic activation device for skydiving

There are any different tools and equipment that you can use when skydiving to ensure your safety. One of these items is known as an automatic activation device. Read all about this device, how it works and its purpose in the world of skydiving below:

What is it?

The automatic activation device is a device often used by beginners – though, it is wise for every skydiver to have one. This electronic device is used to automatically open either the main parachute or reserve parachute of the skydiver as they are falling. The chute will be opened once the skydiver has reached a certain altitude or once they have been falling for a certain amount of time.

How does it work?

These automatic activation devices work in one of two ways: time or altitude. The device is a small computer that is used to monitor the altitude or falling time of the skydiver. Once a certain altitude or time has been reached, the automatic activation device fires a cutter that will cut through the closing loop – a loop that keeps the parachute in place. Once the loop has been cut, the parachute will deploy itself.

What is its purpose?

Skydiving is a sport that requires increased accuracy. If your parachute is deployed a second too late or a centimetre too close to the ground, this could cause serious injuries, or worse. During your fall, if you pass out, become distracted, or something else occurs that renders your ability to deploy your chute, you can rely on your automatic activation device. Its purpose is to ensure that your chute is deployed at the right time and that you land on the ground safely.